Holidays Walk In The City

Nat King Cole and “Last Christmas” are constantly playing in my head and in every store in NYC, so it’s time for some holiday cheer!


Picture this, little Jenny growing up on the block of 157th and Riverside Drive in Washington Heights (you’ll hear this a lot in the future, pretend I’m Sophia from the Golden Girls). She hops the 1 train (hop means going under or over the turnstiles at the exact time a train pulls into the station and hopping on it before the station attendant can bust you for not paying your fare) and heads downtown to see all the holiday windows and possibly, Santa who wasn’t a big deal to me because I was raised to believe in Los Reyes Magos, the three wise men. Kids raised in Spanish speaking countries believe in Los Reyes Magos. Instead of milk and cookies, we put grass in our shoes and leave a bowl of water for the camels.

Now that I’m blessed to live close enough to walk up to all of the holiday decorations, I don’t have to hop the train. Honestly, my hopping skills aren’t what they used to be. I always pick a day to do my window crawl. It’s kinda like SantaCon minus the slutty elf costume (I wear that year round). I start at Macy’s and I finish at Barney’s on the Upper East Side (yuck!). I love Barney’s but not the UES. To quote Kramer: “if you don’t want to be a part of society, Jerry, why don’t you just get in your car and move to the East Side!”

I digress. I love my window crawl. I take my time, pretending I’m a tourist, taking selfies and enjoy watching others take in my beautiful city for the first time. I can tell when It’s your first time here. You ALL stop short while looking up and don’t keep to your right, that’s when we hate you.

This is my crawl route. Commit it to memory, your holiday visit here will be MAGICAL. Or at least fun.

  • Start at Macy’s on 34th St. & 7th Avenue
  • Walk crosstown to 5th Ave. Then turn north (left) up to 40th Street at Lord and Taylor’s.
  • Keep walking north on 5th Ave to the NY Public Library. After taking pictures with Patience or Fortitude (the lions in front) walk WEST (behind the library) to Bryant Park.
Snatching tail, as usual (not).
  • There you will see the FREE ice skating rink (you only have to pay for skate rentals) and the Bryant Park tree. This tree isn’t as famous as the Rockefeller tree but, still pretty impressive.
  • Walk to 6th Ave (west) and make a right (north). Then walk up 6th Ave to see how Media Row (called so because of all the TV and news, and advertising agencies there) gets dolled up for the holidays
  • When you reach Radio City Music Hall on 50th St & 6th Ave (when it’s a movie theatre, it’s the largest in the world with 6,000 seats!). Turn left (east). You’ll come upon the world famous Rockefeller Christmas tree!
  • After taking pictures, looking at the skaters and trying to steal the tree topper, keep walking east to 5th Ave where you’ll find Saks 5th Avenue.
  • After Saks, keep walking North on 5th Ave. You’ll see St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the Cartier Mansion and all the other high end stores gussied up just for you!
  • When you reach Tiffany and Co. (57th Street and 5th Ave) turn right (east) until you hit Madison Ave then turn left (north) until you reach Barneys on 60th St. and Madison Ave.
  • Once you’re done with Barney’s, head east (right) again on 60th street until you reach Lexington Ave and you will hit your final destination, Bloomingdale’s.

By this time you’ll be praising or cursing my name depending on how tired and or cold you are (which means you didn’t take potty breaks at ANY of the stores mentioned above). Don’t fret. There are plenty of places in the area for you to rest your feet, your bum and fill your belly with food and booze.

Too far away? Too cozy under your blankets? You can still do the crawl with me by watching my special holiday episode. Merry Everything from Jenny, on the block of Happy and Bright!


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