Ode To The Staten Island Ferry

As a native Manhattanite I tend to be on the snobbier side. There, I admitted it.  I can’t help it; I live in the epicenter of the universe, in my not so humble opinion.  Yes, New York City is made up of five wonderful boroughs, but THE CITY is Manhattan.  Before the great mistake of 98, that’s what Brooklynites called it when in 1898 it was propose to unite what were once the suburbs of THE CITY into what we now know as NYC.  You see, Brooklynites can be snobby too, they think they’re their own country and wish they could secede from the rest of the city, so if you’re from Texas you’ll feel right at home there.  A Manhattanite has no reason to ever leave their little island.  You can work, eat, study, play and live (barely, it’s expensive as hell) on our 12 mile island.

There is only ONE thing missing on our paradise island and it’s one of the reasons we are so loved…the view!  We can’t see our bodacious shape unless we leave the sanctuary of the 212.  FYI, up until the late 80’s the whole city was 212, then there were so many new numbers being requested (I blame beepers) that the outer boroughs became 718.  I still have a landline only because it’s a 212, again, snob, I get it, working on it; I’m in therapy.

When I want to drink in our beautiful and famous skyline I ride the Staten Island Ferry.  There isn’t much to do on Staten Island, but riding the ferry is one of my favorite things to do, here’s why:

  • Water calms me, so why not take a 30 minute cruise to find my Zen or whatever it is people find when they are calm
  • It’s FREE. Yup, 100% FREEEEEE
  • It provides one of the best unobstructed views of Lady Liberty. She’s the prettiest girl in NYC and she’s all ours. The SI Ferry cruises right by her and you have plenty of time to take your selfies.
  • I like to pretend I’m Tess McGill. Working Girl is one of my most favorite movies and pretending I’m Tess McGill seeing the view of the greatest city in the world on the horizon on my way to live out my dreams is an actual thing for me. Let the river ruuuuun….
  • Cue Sinatra…because seeing that beautiful skyline just makes you feel like anything is possible.
  • It’s romantic! Ride out to SI at dusk then take the ferry back when the city is lit up and stand on the top deck kissing your honey.  Trust me; it’s a really good and cheap date, since you can by those giant cans of beer on board.  And try this line on your date: “ I couldn’t really show you the city like I wanted to, so I’m buying you the view.” #swoon

There are other places to see our beautiful skyline, like the Brooklyn Bridge, the East River and New Jersey.  Do you have a favorite place to show off our city, let us know.

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