My New York City Bucket List

As you all know, I’m a bit of a jaded New Yorker.  I act as if I’ve seen and done it all, but in reality, there are a few things I have yet to experience in my fair city.

  1. Macy’s Thanksgiving day Parade balloon inflation station.  The day before the parade that kicks off the holiday season, you can go to the Upper West Side near the Museum of Natural History to see all the balloon get filled with helium.  It’s a fun and free activity for kids of all ages, and since I’m never gonna get to sit in the bleachers for the parade that’s as close as I’ll ever get to seeing the event.  I don’t do crowds.  I know that sounds crazy coming from someone who lives in Times Square but I don’t do concentrated crowds.  I’m too short.
  2. Complete The Great Saunter.  The Great Saunter is a walk around the perimeter of the island of Manhattan, a total of 32 miles.  Last year, I walked 27 miles before I gave up.  This year I’m up for the challenge once again, and I hope to complete it! Like last year, I’m not training but I have a better strategy that I think will get me to the finish line.  I’ll be reporting on Facebook live so make sure to tune in on May 6th.
  3. Walk the catwalk behind the big windows at Grand Central Terminal.  You can walk from one side of the terminal to the other behind those windows and see all the action from above.  It’s technically opened to the public but they discourage it.  I’m going.
  4. Go to the Hamptons. Ok it’s in NYC but I’ve never been out there.  As snobby as I can be, I’m surprised I’ve never left the city in the summer to bask in the sun with the rich and beautiful people.
  5. Dinner and dancing at the Rainbow Room.  Out of all of the above this is the hardest because I want to go on an amazing date for this one. I already know what I’m going to wear and what I’ll request the band to play.   I’m single and I’m not going to take myself to one of the most fabulous places in NYC.  It’ll happen.  My Prince is out there and now he knows how to impress me!

Do you have any places you’d like to see in NYC or around the world?

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