As an actor, writer, comedian, cancer activist, Around the Way Girl and licensed tour guide I have traveled a lot of the world. Yet nothing excites me more than my little slice of paradise, New York City.  I want to  combine all of my rockstar talents with my passion for travel, pop culture, current events and all things NYC to bring audiences a fun, funny and informative travel and lifestyle show.

The show will be mostly NYC based. I’m an obnoxious New Yorker who thinks the sun rises and sets on New York City. However, I get around enough that you will get several “very special” episodes where I touch other cities inappropriately. With my Rolodex of celebrity friends (some local, some international, some fake) I hope to bring you a show about my hometown; covering pop culture, introducing new talent, and travel in general.  I want to educate, enlighten, entertain, excite and  inspire viewers.

I want to be your favorite girl next door, that is if all of you lived in Times Square.  If I had to describe myself in a nutshell, picture the love child of Neal Degrasse Tyson, Einstein, Prince, Madonna, Celia Cruz and Miss Piggy. Or you could just think of me  as Anthony Bourdain’s mini me…ok, think of me as the girl who wants to make out with Anthony Bourdain.